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Kind thoughts
Kind words
Kind actions
For everyone
What a lovely thought


Love thy neighbor

Herd mentality, groupthink, social clique, members-only, club mentality, PLU.
Is social conformity for our own validation?

What makes us resistant to “different”?
Must we label “different” as nerd, geek, or weird?
How about “Love thy neighbor” without judgment or labels?

What makes us uncomfortable with “different”?


Friends, true friends, those treasured beings who walk through life with us and are always just a phone call away; hold our hand if we need a hand to hold; lend a hand if we need one; believe in us if we doubt ourselves; remind us of our successes and accomplishments; honor confidentiality without being asked; comfort us when life throws a curve ball, or a bomb; know who we really are and believe in us if others do not; respect our choices even if they don’t understand; cheer for our successes; offer a different perspective when they think it might help; see the best in us; are there for us when family is not; really love us; remind us not to let the turkeys get us down. Friends, true friends, are the treasures of life. 

The Words of My Mouth

I cherish being with those exceptional people who always see the best in others. One of my dearest friends is such a person. He truly and sincerely walks in love. I have never heard him criticize or speak ill of anyone, politicians aside. He is kind, compassionate, and looks only at his own flaws and short-comings. He loves his neighbors as himself, even when he disagrees with them. He inspires me.

I try not to share any negative words to influence others’ opinions about others; rather, to let others form their own opinion based on their experience, not mine.

I try not to criticize others. I try to remember to see others as I am–imperfect. Often I fail.

Imagine if we all looked first at our own imperfections before finding fault with others.

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer. Psalm 19:14