Monthly Archives: August 2014

A Garden to Thrive

I noticed right away the out of place oleander shoot in the front flower bed in my new home. Gardeners notice such things. I don’t know how it landed in that spot under an oak tree. There was no room in that bed, where only shade plants can thrive. Oleander needs sun and room to grow. 

I left Ole alone for a while, then decided to give her a chance to grow, moving her to a spot in full sun. The new location apparently is ideal. The small sprig quickly shot up and branched out. Within a few months she bore vibrant pink blossoms. Ole is now eight feet tall, healthy and thriving in her new garden. 

“Bloom where you are planted” sounds like good advice. But what if you’re trying to thrive in a place deficient in nutrients required for growth? What if you’re merely surviving instead of thriving? What if your garden needs to be in full sun instead of shade? What if you’re becoming lopsided and misshapen from reaching for the sun, or burned and scarred by too much sun? 

“Create a garden where you can thrive” offers another perspective. All plants do not thrive in the same garden. Different plants require different growing conditions. Sometimes, transplanting is necessary for optimum health. Different plants require different gardens. Smart gardeners know this.