Lift Up

I love — yes, really love — receiving an e-mail that brings joy and makes my day.  An uplifting, inspirational thought.  Beautiful nature photos.  A devotional that touches my soul.  Photos of our adorable little ones.  Humor that makes me laugh out loud.

And then there are those other ones that tear down instead of lift up.  I don’t receive too many of those, because I’ve let senders know that I do not appreciate having my mailbox defiled by mean-spirited thoughts, political or otherwise.

My e-mail history is not pristine.  I’m sure I’ve shared things that were not pure of heart or in the best of taste.

The more I recognize the influence of today’s vast communications media, the more I think about what I send into cyberspace: What does this message say about me?  Am I lifting up or tearing down?


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