Monthly Archives: September 2013

Lift Up

I love — yes, really love — receiving an e-mail that brings joy and makes my day.  An uplifting, inspirational thought.  Beautiful nature photos.  A devotional that touches my soul.  Photos of our adorable little ones.  Humor that makes me laugh out loud.

And then there are those other ones that tear down instead of lift up.  I don’t receive too many of those, because I’ve let senders know that I do not appreciate having my mailbox defiled by mean-spirited thoughts, political or otherwise.

My e-mail history is not pristine.  I’m sure I’ve shared things that were not pure of heart or in the best of taste.

The more I recognize the influence of today’s vast communications media, the more I think about what I send into cyberspace: What does this message say about me?  Am I lifting up or tearing down?



After months in a vase in my kitchen window, a cutting from a favorite hydrangea has sprouted tiny roots.  More than once I considered giving up, thinking enough time had elapsed for roots to form.  But I remained hopeful, and time allowed for development.  These new roots hold promise for growth and new life.  In time, vibrant blossoms are a real possibility

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been,” is a well-known quote by George Eliot (Mary Anne Evans).  I interpret her message as encouragement to seek personal growth and find one’s authentic self, however long it takes.

Rather than leave room to misconstrue as, “What you are now is not enough,” I would say:  “It’s never too late to realize your full potential.”

It is never too late to grow new roots, new life . . . to bloom.


“In the morning when I rise” are familiar lyrics triggered by the view from my kitchen window. Now at summer’s end, I arise to the glory of wildflowers in bloom behind my house. Yellow and purple blossoms pop against a mass of unruly, tangled green. Butterflies and bees add to the mix, a pastoral image to start the day.

My curious nature wants to know the names of the flowers, origin and characteristics, everything about them. Curiosity and interest are positive traits. But sometimes it is enough, if not best, simply to appreciate the beauty that is before me. Too much information is not always a plus. Beauty is beauty. Let it be.

And now the song goes with me into the day:
In the morning, when I rise / In the morning when I rise /
In the morning when I rise / Give me Jesus.


I once believed that prayer changes things.
Now I know that prayer changes me.
Prayer alters my perspective, my attitude, and probably my blood pressure.
Prayer helps me find peaceful solutions.
Prayer helps me find peace in the storm.
Prayer comforts me.
Prayer changes me.